Yuan Liu 刘源

I was born and raised in China, got my MFA degree from Emily Carr University in 2017 and BFA degree from Xi’an Academy of Fine Art in 2013. By studying and immigranting overseas, this culture transformed experience gives me a deeper understanding towards my art and identity. Through working with various mediums including video, installation art and performance, I focus my practice and research on themes of identity, social issues, as well as culture transformation. Many of my projects are related to social issues and everyday life. By mixing art and everyday life, switching identity between artist and others, I looking into art to pursuit the answers for reality life. Moreover, I believe experimentation is fundamental in art. Hence, I have dedicated myself to projects that strive to expand the boundaries of art. As an international artist who is looking for start art career in Canada, to have a studio among other artists in such a dynamic community is an exciting beginning.