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Terry Hunter

Terry Hunter, a resident of the Downtown Eastside since 1975, is Co-founder/Executive Director of Downtown Eastside based Vancouver Moving Theatre (1983), and Artistic Producer of the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival (2004).

Highlights as a producer include: In the Heart of a City: The DTES Community Play; We’re All In This Together- the Shadows Project, and A Downtown Eastside Romeo and Juliet (2008), a tragic comedy theatre production shedding light on homelessness from a Downtown Eastside perspective; and Storyweaving, paying tribute to First Nations ancestral and urban presence in Greater Vancouver.

Terry plays numerous advisory roles in the community and is a current vice chair of the City of Vancouver’s Arts and Cultural Policy Council. He is recipient of the Jessie Richardson Award for Significant Artistic Achievement in Spectacle Design (1998), BC Community Achievement Award(2008), Vancouver Mayor’s Award (Community-engaged Art, 2009) and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award (2013).

Terry supports the BC Artscape Sun Wah project as the facility supports local DTES/Chinatown community, culture and heritage by ensuring desperately needed and affordable long-term space for local grassroots arts and non-arts organizations in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside.

自從1975年在市中心東端居住的Terry Hunter是市中心東端成立溫哥華移動劇場(1983)的創辦人及執行董事,和市中心東端城市的心節(2004)的藝術製作人。

他的作品包括:In the Heart of a City: The DTES Community Play 「在城市的心裡:市中心東端 戲劇」;We’re All In This Together- the Shadows Project 「我們都在一起-影子項目」,和 A Downtown Eastside Romeo and Juliet 「市中心東端羅密歐與茱麗葉」,一部關於市中心東端無家可歸問題的製作;和Storyweaving 貢獻溫哥華原住民的故事。

Terry 目前是溫哥華社區藝術委員會,市中心東端基金委員會,和溫哥華基金會文化藝術委員會的成員;並是溫哥華市藝術和文化規劃委員會的副會長, 並獲得多項榮譽獎項。

Terry 支持BC Artscape新華項目因為該設施將提供本地市中心東瑞和華埠社會急需的長期和低價空間,支持本地社團組織,文化及歷史。