sculptural art

Ken Gerberick

Ken has produced the paintings, collages, and assemblages which have gained him recognition in Vancouver. The assemblages are made exclusively of materials which society has used, even abused, and discarded. Many of the materials were found in the laneways of Vancouver or the dumps of Vancouver Island. These often-humorous works are designed to draw attention to the mistakes, inadequacies, and imbalances of our society.

Ken:  My art work is about taking objects that people have thrown away and turning them into (hopefully) interesting 3D paintings,  assemblage sculptures, and installations. I particularly like broken antiques, scrap neon, rusty old auto parts and obsolete electronics. My medium is my message - reuse is the most important part of recycling - sort of zero waste consumption.

Janet Wang 王欣恩

Janet Wang is a visual artist working within a traditional painting practice, integrated with sculptural installation practices and digital media. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and her Master of Arts in Studio Practice from the University of Leeds in England. Her work explores the construction of identity through the appropriation and disruption of social patterns and familiar gestures. The artist borrows heavily from the canons and traditions of history, both the artistic and the quotidian, in order to use the familiar as a meeting point with the viewer. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and the UK, and has been awarded residencies from the Arts Council of England, ArtStarts, the Burnaby Arts Council, and received the Visual Arts Development Award by the Vancouver Foundation. She is currently is an instructor at the Lasalle College Vancouver, Langara College, and Emily Carr University.