Rachael Radford Crafting Vancouver

Creating pottery is an incredible experience, the forming of it, the use, the beauty. It’s soothing and, for that reason, the craft I love most. I began pottery when I was 19, taking a random class at a community center in North Vancouver. As a high energy person I found it calming, a way to relieve stress and focus on breathing, if for no other reason than keeping my hands steady. After that class I joined as a member and spent a few years potting out of local pottery studios, teaching myself on the wheel whenever I could carve out a few hours.

My biggest leap, and greatest purchase, was buying a wheel for my home. I set up a mini corner studio and found ways to throw cleanly to keep the mud mess down, not always successfully. Having a wheel allowed me to learn through trial and error over the years. Apart from my initial amateur pottery class many years ago I’ve relied on my fingers and the clay to teach me and they do.

I’ve worked with clay for over ten years and grow more in love with the art form each day. It’s organic, warm to the soul, and functional. The most wonderful part is seeing someone fall in love with a piece and take it home.

The pottery you’ll find at Crafting Vancouver is all hand made by me: designed, thrown, trimmed, morphed, coloured, glazed and fired. Having been born and raised in Vancouver, you will see the West Coast reflected throughout. Pieces are made to be used in your day to day life, whether holding your tea or nestling your flowers.

Website: http://craftingvancouver.com/