Ken Gerberick

Ken has produced the paintings, collages, and assemblages which have gained him recognition in Vancouver. The assemblages are made exclusively of materials which society has used, even abused, and discarded. Many of the materials were found in the laneways of Vancouver or the dumps of Vancouver Island. These often-humorous works are designed to draw attention to the mistakes, inadequacies, and imbalances of our society.

Ken:  My art work is about taking objects that people have thrown away and turning them into (hopefully) interesting 3D paintings,  assemblage sculptures, and installations. I particularly like broken antiques, scrap neon, rusty old auto parts and obsolete electronics. My medium is my message - reuse is the most important part of recycling - sort of zero waste consumption.

June Conley

I attended Otis Parsons in Los Angeles and graduated from Emily Carr College in Vancouver, 1988 major; Sculpture. I make sculptures out of found, recycled and salvaged objects. I love finding that perfect piece of metal with an acquired patina and forged so beautifully by the many feet and cars that have trampled over it. Or the abandon, broken, discarded pieces that were once part of someone's coveted possession with it's own history. I weave them together in a different yet somewhat familiar light with a new story to tell. To me the nature of working with found objects is an ever changing-evolving structure, and I love the complexity of it! When this 'medley of elements' come together to create something so different, with it's own history 'now' this is always exciting to me. I live in Vancouver, B.C. with my two lovely cats.