Tenant Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used to assess each tenant application for BC Artscape Sun Wah.

Capacity: Does the applicant have the capacity to realize their vision and goals?

  1. Does the applicant demonstrate the necessary level of experience to deliver on their vision for the space?
  2. Does the applicant have the financial capacity to deliver on what is proposed in their submission?

Community Engagement: will the applicant engage local communities and audiences?

  1. How will the applicant contribute to the Chinatown/DTES community and seek to engage local communities in their work?
  2. What is the applicant’s history of service to the local community and commitment to providing programming to help animate the centre?
  3. How will the applicant seek to collaborate with others in the centre?

Space Needs:

  1. Does the proposed use of the dedicated space fit within the emerging vision of the project?
  2. Does the proposed dedicated space have synergy with the other proposed dedicated space uses?