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Rachael Radford
Crafting Vancouver

Humans have endless talents. We inspire, create, and push the boundaries and I love that side of us.

I have always had a love of craft, from woodworking and sewing to jewellery design and painting. But the one that continues to pull at my heartstrings is pottery. It is soothing to create. Clay follows the fingertips, echoing each move, coming to rest in a graceful form.

Creating a piece is meditative, the clay comes alive in your hands. Once complete it’s a part of daily life; it’s the mug you drink coffee from in the morning or the platter you serve Sunday dinner on for loved ones. It can be a vessel for things we hold dear.

I’ve worked with clay for over ten years and grow more in love with the art form each day. It’s organic, warm to the soul, and functional. The most wonderful part is seeing someone fall in love with a piece and take it home.

 The pottery you’ll find at Crafting Vancouver is all hand made by me: designed, thrown, trimmed, morphed, coloured, glazed and fired. Having been born and raised in Vancouver, you will see the West Coast reflected throughout. Pieces are made to be used in your day to day life, whether holding your tea or nestling your flowers. Here you’ll find the functional and the aesthetic.