Preferred Vendors Map



BC Artscape acknowledges the influx of capital our organization, tenants, program partners and audiences bring to the neighbourhood, and are committed to supporting the businesses in the community that are essential to low-income people.

The Preferred Vendors Map was created to help identify such goods and services providers and is complemented by a WHERE THE LOCALS GO orientation to the neighbourhood for tenants new to Chinatown. The Map is a living resource that endeavours to reflect the area’s changing retail landscape.

The resources aim to provide context to understanding Chinatown’s historic cultural community, appreciate the importance of its local economy, and inform and guide daily spending decisions. They draw upon recent community research, as referenced below.

In preparation for your shopping trip, please be mindful of:

  • CA$H ONLY prevails in most shops, to save on overhead costs and keep prices low for consumers. Most banks have a Chinatown branch, or hit ATM in area. (Hint: look along Main St)

  • The effect of chain stores (e.g. Starbucks, Tim Hortons) on mom-and-pop shops. T&T Supermarket is a chain and does not count as grocery shopping in Chinatown.

  • Single-use items (plastic bags, coffee cups, take-out food containers). Bring your own re-usable container whenever possible.

This program is developed by the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown 青心在唐人街 through a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation, and is delivered by our Community Engagement team.


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