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Forest & Waves

We believe the best way to make a home your own is to fill it with what inspires you. Whether you love the outdoors or well-designed goods, we hope we can inspire you to collaborate with nature, indoors and out.

Forest & Waves started in 2012 because I wanted to share my love of nature with everyone. It was the best way to share my own experiences as a backpacker and a designer. The name Forest & Waves was inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest: the smell of cedar, the waves hitting the shore, and the winds rustling through the trees. The forest represents my own interest in camping and hiking, while the waves reflect my passion for surfing and a childhood spent growing up in a seaside village in Taiwan.

Nature is the world’s best designer, and I drew on that inspiration for the products behind Forest & Waves. We focus on paper and fabric goods that are both functional and stylish. We know how much love you bring to your home to craft your surroundings, and we want to create products that reflect your own values. Our handcrafted products are made with love: they are carefully produced and designed to fit into your environment, no matter where you call home.