William Liu is the second-generation CEO of the family -owned and -operated Kam Wai Dim Sum on Pender Street, started by his father the year before William was born.

In any given day, he folds hundreds of dumplings and makes deliveries to dim sum restaurants and suppliers across Metro Vancouver. William works seven days a week with a break on Sunday mornings to sing in church.

At the time of taking over the family business, William had completed studies in voice performance under Peter Barcza at UBC and was poised to pursue graduate school in New York to study opera. He has performed for audiences across Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Spain and the United States.

William is involved with the BC Artscape Sun Wah project because he sees the potential within its tenants and program partners to make positive contributions to the neighbourhood, culturally and artistically, as well as economically. He serves on the Steering Committee to ensure a measure of community control over the process.

>> See and hear William’s story in the video clip “The opera singer” here



當他繼承家族生意時,偉倫在UBC Peter Barcza下完成了語音表演的學習,並打算繼續到紐約修讀歌劇。他曾在加拿大,德國,義大利,法國,荷蘭,西班牙和美國表演。