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Green Chair Recycling 

Green Chair is a Vancouver owned waste management business dedicated to providing simple and effective recycling solutions. We are a social enterprise; a business that is economically sustainable while benefiting and strengthening our community. Every event, residence and business is unique. For this reason, we cater towards individual needs to develop effective, practical solutions.

We love the diverse events and festivals that Metro Vancouver has to offer and want them to be awesome, green and fun! From the initial stages of event planning, to execution and beyond, we help events reach new environmental milestones. Check out our event services!

For residences and businesses, we understand the importance of continued support. Once a recycling program is operational, we regularly monitor effectiveness and strive to improve the diversion rates throughout all of our projects.

We believe that communities are incredibly powerful and strong when we work together. The benefits of creating stronger and happier communities surpasses the obvious benefits of reducing waste. Inspiring, educating and creating valuable, engaging experiences for all is the Green Chair goal.

Together with the energy of our phenomenal and dedicated volunteers and the leadership of our founder, Liliana Segal and our passionate staff team, we make a difference.