Al Cheng 鄭龍川, Owner, Chinatown Flea Market 新華中心跳蚤市場店主

Affectionately known as 龍哥 (literally, Dragon bro) in Chinatown, Al Cheng 鄭龍川 studied graphics and packaging design at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art and Design) in the 1970s. He moved back to Hong Kong after graduating, working in film and television production for a few years before emigrating to Vancouver.

A Master of the Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu style, Al taught out of his small martial arts studio in Chinatown for over twenty years. He is a long-time director of the Chinese Benevolent Association 中華會館 and the Chiu Chow Benevolent Association 潮州會館. An artist and entrepreneur, Al is the original owner and operator of the Chinatown Flea Market (located on the second floor of the Sun Wah Centre) which specializes in Chinese painting and calligraphy supplies. Al plans to teach calligraphy and possibly kung fu again in his retirement.

龍哥,即鄭龍川, 70年代在溫哥華藝術學院(現在的艾米莉卡藝術及設計大學)修讀設計。畢業後回到香港,在電影行業裡從事了幾年再移民到了溫哥華。龍哥是七星螳螂拳傳人,他在溫哥華的唐人街開了武館教了20多年。他在中華會館和潮州會館當了多年董事。作為一名藝術家兼創業家,龍哥現在主管專賣書法國畫及藝術用品的唐人街跳蚤市場(位於新華中心二樓)。龍哥退休後打算教書法和武術。