The BC Artscape Sunwah building has a ramp that leads to the elevators on the Ground Floor. There is elevator access to all the levels of the project. There are also universal bathroom on each floor as well as wheelchair accessible stalls in our bathrooms. 

Accessibility Ratings: FULL/SEMI/NON

Wheelchair/ Scooter User /Mobility Limited Accessibility: main space FULL, bathrooms FULL.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility: SEMI
Blind and Vision Limited Accessibility: SEMI
Scent Reduction/ Scent Free Accessibility:SEMI


Accessibilities Rating Key:

FULL: e.g. can freely access all publicly available spaces; scent policy in place and enforced; ASL, Braille, & other accommodations available at no charge to the individual; sliding scale available; etc.

SEMI: e.g. can access most/main activity spaces but not all public areas, some arrangements/changes required, some accommodations provided for deaf/HoH and blind/vision limited folks; adequate lighting for signing; limited scent policy; etc.

NONe.g. can’t access main public areas; no scent policy in place; no asl, Braille or other accommodations; inadequate lighting for signing; no sliding scale; etc.