BC Artscape is a not-for-profit organization that creates the conditions for artists, and arts, cultural and community groups to thrive by developing and operating affordable space.

BC Artscape is an independent non-profit urban development organization based in Vancouver. Our mandate is to develop cultural spaces in BC that serve the needs of artists and cultural organizations as well as the local community. Projects of BC Artscape are carefully designed to address the opportunities and challenges of their particular local context by employing an in-depth community engagement process where we listen and learn from artists, cultural organizations, community groups, residents, businesses and community leaders to build a dynamic and inclusive project vision. Learn more about our work here.



  • We welcome everyone regardless of age, socioeconomic status, language, culture or gender.

  • Artists, cultural producers, and community groups are supported by 49,000 square feet of secure space that is devoted to artistic inspiration, cultural expression, collaboration and learning.

  • The heritage values and cultural landscape of Chinatown is reflected in our tenanting, programming and spaces. Language accessibility is supported by Chinese-speaking staff and translation.

  • We acknowledge the influx of capital we are bringing to the neighborhood and will share space, information, and resources with low-income people and support the businesses in the community that are essential to low-income people.

  • Arts and culture is recognized as central to community building and connectedness. Programming offered by our tenants and program partners will appeal to a broad range of audiences and experiences to encourage community participation.

  • Cultural activities and community events will be supported by three new affordable and accessible spaces, a public lounge with a community kitchen, and a rooftop garden.

  • The diverse community will be involved in the governance and operations of the space through a community stewardship model that is rooted in the historical and changing cultural context of the Chinatown and DTES neighborhoods.

  • Relationships and partnerships between our tenants and the wider community are built on collaboration, respect, and reciprocity.